Safe Web Use

Exit Website Button

Here at the WRC, we know how important your security is. If you ever suspect someone is entering the room and you need to quickly and discreetly leave the website, just click the "Exit Website" button located in the far right of the menu bar.

Upon clicking the button, a new tab will open and both tabs will display common websites. This will make it seem that you were just surfing the web.

If you wish to return to the WRC site, you will need to re-enter the web address in browser.

Deleting Internet History

If you are in an abusive relationship or even if you just want to be extra careful and not raise any questions, deleting your history is very important after leaving our site.

Internet browsers keep records of the sites that you visit. This record is referred to as your Internet history. A third-party or an abusive partner could view this history to see that you visited the WRC website.